Elland District Partnership : About Us

Elland District Partnership (EDP) is a Not-for-Profit Company, Limited by Guarantee that works alongside a variety of stakeholders (including Calderdale Council) to create a thriving business and social community in the Elland And District area. We work in partnership with the council and other appropriate organisations to assist, promote and encourage such regeneration.

We hold regular open meetings for businesses, traders, local councillors, voluntary groups and local residents to discuss the regeneration of the Town.

We have a board of directors and a  “Memorandum And Articles of Association” and are looking to set up a charitable arm and develop a Business Plan that will allow us to apply for significant funding from local and national bodies. Our board of 12 directors chaired by Mr Joe Braithwaite. The treasurer is Mr Tony Chadwick and the company secretary is Mr Paul Nutton.

Our aim is to contribute to an ambitious long-term program of ‘Events, Attractions and Adventures.’

We welcome your views, comments and contributions to this blog and look forward to working together for a brighter future for Elland and district.

Read the Chairman’s Report