Elland needs you get involved with the EDP. The past achievements of EDP have shown that there is a critical mass of goodwill and energy throughout Elland and District that could be harnessed to promote regeneration.

To find out more about Elland District Partnership and how you can get involved take a look at our FAQs.

Here you will find the answers to many frequently asked questions. Please click on the link that you would like to find out more about :

EDP Structure

  • Who runs EDP ?

EDP is managed and run by an elected Chairman and Board of 12 Directors. The Articles of Association dictate that Calderdale Council is represented on the Board by 2 Elected Council members.


  • Does EDP have any commercial or charitable status ?

EDP is currently classified as a not-for-profit organisation. It has no commercial activities or interests other than promoting the economic and social well-being of Elland District.


EDP Membership

  • What forms of membership does EDP have ?

Membership of EDP is currently available to any individuals on payment of an annual subscription of £3.

There is currently no form of corporate membership available.


  • What is included with EDP membership?

Individual members are able to attend open meetings of EDP and to vote at the Annual General Meeting.


  • How does EDP membership benefit a resident of Elland?

Membership of EDP allows individual residents and others who have an interest in the future of the area to influence, participate in, and be kept informed about the events and activities that improve the social and economic well-being of the district.


  • How does membership benefit a Business based in Elland?

EDP is very ambitious to foster cooperation and strong links with, and between businesses in the district, and thereby encourage economic regeneration and growth in the area.


  • How do I join EDP and pay my subscription?

A membership application form is available to help record contact details for the aspiring member, then payment of a £3 annual subscription to the Treasurer. To join please attend one of the EDP’s Open Meetings. The dates of which will be advertised on this website.


EDP Funding

  • Does EDP have any local sources of funding ?

EDP is in partnership with Calderdale Council for the well-being and regeneration of Elland District. EDP can apply for grants from Calderdale Council, Community Foundation, the NHS, local businesses, and others, to help fund its activities. For example, EDP have attracted funds to improve town centre Christmas lighting.


  • How does EDP use any funding that it is awarded ?

In the recent past, EDP has used its available funds for Christmas lighting, provision and stocking of floral planters, sponsoring the reindeer at the Christmas Fayre, and making donations to the cost of running the Elland Carnival.


  • Can EDP apply for National Lottery or other major funding ?

Yes, the current rules allow EDP to apply for such funding to help finance its projects and events, and this is one of the key aspirations of EDP as a means to invigorate and revitalise Elland District.

EDP Meetings

  • Does EDP have meetings that are open to the public ?

Yes. EDP holds an open meeting usually every 2 months at which the ongoing projects, upcoming events and plans for future regeneration are discussed. 


EDP past acheivements

  • What specific improvements has EDP made to Elland District ?

In the recent past, EDP and other local volunteer groups of traders have organised a revitalised Play Area in James Street, the Riverside Park close to Elland Bridge, an annual Summer Carnival, a Christmas Fayre at Berties, Christmas Street Lighting and Carol Singing, planters and hanging baskets around the town centre, and topical events for the Jubilee celebrations.

In addition, with EDP encouragement, the improvements to the skatepark in the Elland Recreation Ground were funded by Calderdale Council, and specific funds were provided via the NHS for the new outdoor gym equipment in the Rec.

Many of these activities have involved the local school children in and around the town.

Recently, our efforts have included positioning a carved stone on the Jubilee By Pass roundabout to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and to welcome visitors to Elland, and the provision of 2 park benches in Hullen Edge Park and Hoyle Park, West Vale.


  • Where has EDP not succeeded ?

We are very proud of all our achievements. However, we do not pretend that these alone will regenerate the town. However, they do illustrate that there is already a critical mass of goodwill, energy and discretionary effort available in Elland and District. We also believe that much more of that energy can be identified and can be attracted to the greater good of our district.


EDP’s Current Activities

  • What is EDP currently doing to help regenerate Elland District ?

In addition to its ongoing activities, EDP has recognised the need to improve communication with the Stakeholders via the Newsletter and improved Website, as part of its ongoing strategy.

However, in addition, and in parallel with this, EDP has also recognised that, in the past, it has not had the necessary infrastructure and expertise to apply for major funding that will be needed for any significant improvements to Elland District.

Therefore, given the current economic restraints, EDP is currently engaged with Calderdale Council and is linking with expert advisory groups to develop such an infrastructure and expertise.

We believe that this could and should yield significant benefits for Elland District.


EDP’s Vision for the Future

  • What is EDP long term strategy for regenerating Elland District ?

Having observed how other local towns and villages have succeeded in improving their economic performance and social wellbeing over the last few years, we plan to base the future regeneration of Elland around the theme of “Events, Attractions and Adventures”. We need to attract many more tourists and visitors into the District, both during the week and at weekends, and develop an infrastructure to support these activities.

We believe that this vision needs both a short term and a long term strategy, and requires lots of input and help from all businesses, traders, voluntary groups, schools and residents, to make this happen.


  • How will this happen, and when ?

In the short term, we are assured by the organisers that the Tour de France should produce some meaningful, longer term, “legacy” benefits to the district that will extend its economic and social effects over future years. We are optimistic that this will happen, and we will be doing our best to help achieve this.

However, alongside the Tour de France plans, EDP will shortly be taking the lead in developing a medium to long term strategy of “Events, Attractions and Adventures” for Elland District.

This strategy will be based around identifying, harvesting and exploiting the ideas and energies of all the Stakeholders over the next decade and beyond. The emphasis will be to involve as many as possible of the younger, fresher and more energetic talents that are probably not currently recognised, or are not yet being fully exploited.

We will also present compelling arguments for attracting national and local grants that will make many of these potential ideas feasible, realistic and achievable.


  • What does EDP realistically expect to achieve for Elland District ?

Elland District can and will only be as successful as its residents and its businesses – the stakeholders – want it to be. Assistance from Calderdale Council will continue to be restricted by Government cost reductions.

EDP is hoping to act as the catalyst, alongside other voluntary organisations, to draw together a group of enthusiastic and energetic stakeholders into a long lasting work group for organising frequent events, developing sustainable attractions to encourage regular visitors, and setting up and running adventures in and around the District.

The aim will be to improve economic activity within the District for businesses and traders, and improve the recreational and social opportunities for the residents.

EDP Newsletter

  • How do I keep up with news in Elland District?

You can sign up to receive the free EDP Newsletter via the Website Contacts Page, drop us an email via the contact form and we will add you / your business to our list.


  • Can I contribute items for inclusion in the EDP newsletter or website ?

Yes, contributions relevant to the social and economic wellbeing of Elland District – forthcoming events, reports on activities, etc – are very welcome for inclusion. These can be submitted via our Contacts page.


  • How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter and mailings?

All of our emails or newsletters have a link to unsubscribe. If you have any problems unsubscribing please email info@ellanddistrict.co.uk


Regeneration of Elland

  • Are there any links to the history of Elland District?

A list of links to websites that may be of interest to residents and local businesses are given elsewhere in this section.


  • How has the regeneration of Elland been viewed in the recent past ?

A feature in the Halifax Courier in 2009 explains the feelings in Elland about its demise:-

Business Directory

  • What is the purpose of the Business Directory?

EDP sees the opportunity to publicise the businesses and traders in Elland District via a searchable database, accessed via the website, that provides company names, mailing addresses, business types and website URLs. The directory is for the benefit of businesses to attract new customers, and to encourage trading between local businesses.

The database does NOT provide any contact names, phone numbers or email addresses.


  • Can any business have its details corrected, updated or removed from the searchable database?

A simple request to correct, update or remove details can be made via the contact page on the website.


EDP Email Directory

  • How will the EDP database be managed?

EDP has already adopted a few golden rules for how the EDP email database will be managed, as follows:-

  • EDP will never publish or release our email database list. Any emails will always hide the recipients’ email address details (using the “bcc” method).
  • EDP will primarily make use of this database for circulating Newsletters, notices of EDP meetings, and details of any major events.
  1. EDP will offer to circulate appropriate notices of non-EDP events and activities to the EDP database list, at EDP discretion, when EDP feels that such notices are in the common and best interests of Elland and District.
  2. EDP will never accept any items for inclusion that have any direct commercial interests or advertising content.
  3. EDP will actively encourage and support any ideas for Elland and District businesses and traders to set up networking activities amongst themselves that might lead to more inter-trading amongst Elland based enterprises. EDP will gladly promote and advertise these events in the Newsletter, and may allow use of the EDP database for making “bcc” contacts, at EDP discretion.
  4. EDP are also open to any ideas for using the database to help prepare Directories of the businesses in Elland and District that might improve the economic well being and regeneration of the town by attracting inward investment or help to promote the town as a tourist attraction.